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Brillion Smart Wallet

Brillion Wallet is our shelf smart wallet that provides self-custody of digital assets and identity, balancing privacy and versatility.

It is meant as an alternative to wallets like Metamask and Rainbow. With the Brillion wallet users can connect to most existing dApps, and also benefit from a full suite of smart functionalities like:

  • Social login and recovery.
  • Private management of Verifiable credentials.
  • Smart rules.

With Brillion Wallet, users can easily manage their digital assets and interact with decentralized applications. Whether it's buying and selling NFTs on OpenSea, trading tokens on Uniswap, or simply storing assets securely, Brillion Wallet offers a versatile and user-friendly solution:

  • Brillion Wallet allows you to create and manage your self-sovereign identity.
  • It allows you to use your self-sovereign identity to access many compliant services.
  • The wallet protects you against the loss or hack of your assets.


Web Wallet​

Brillion works perfectly on all modern web browsers, whether it is a computer, phone, or tablet.

Mobile Wallet​

Brillion works perfectly on your mobile web browser, whether it is a phone or a tablet.

This means dapps which integrate the Brillion Wallet will automatically support users on all mobile devices.