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Token Transfer

Brillion Wallet allows seamless transfers of various tokens, offering users a unified and user-friendly experience for managing their diverse token holdings.

This process can be performed with both native and external tokens.

To begin a transfer, go to your dashboard and click on Send.

Fill out the fields as described.

  1. Asset: select the asset you wish to transfer.
  2. Amount: the amount of tokens to send.
  3. Address: recipient for the transfer.
  4. When all required fields have been filled, click Send.

When sending cryptocurrency from your Brillion wallet to another wallet, please make sure to double-check the recipient's wallet address, the amount of tokens being sent, and the correct blockchain network you are sending the tokens to.

Transactions on blockchain networks cannot be reversed once they have been confirmed. Sending tokens to the wrong address or blockchain network could result in a permanent loss of your tokens. Always verify the wallet address and network before confirming the transaction. It is recommended to send a small amount of tokens first as a test transaction before sending a larger amount.

Brillion will display the characteristics of the transaction before proceeding to confirm the transfer of the funds. Lastly, you'll be prompted to authorize the transaction with your configured verification rules.

After this, you and your recipient will just have to wait for the transaction to process, and that's it! The transfer has been successful.