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User Profile

Users can edit their profile by clicking on the profile tab in the app. From there, they can edit their name, profile picture, and other personal information. Additionally, users can view their ZK proofs, profile progression, generated certificates, and account connections all in one place. This allows for a streamlined and customizable experience for each user.

You can get to the Profile by clicking in your profile pic miniature on the top left, and then selecting the "Profile" option.

Here you can find:

  1. Your profile picture.
  2. Your username and currently selected identity.
  3. The identity's generated ZK proofs.
  4. Check your profile completeness and progress.
  5. Access the KYC identity report.
  6. All the identity's anonymous verifications.
  7. Your connected social accounts.
  8. Your connected web3 wallets.

This is how a more complete identity looks like when the user has gone through most of the profile completion.

Edit Identity‚Äč

If you click on the pencil icon on the top right, you'll be able to edit the basic information of your profile. Such as changing the name and the profile pic.

For your profile pic, you can either upload a new image, use one of your NFTs, or choose one image from your file storage.

Note that you have the option to reset your chosen identity, which will remove all the off-chain generated data, such as:

  • Identity name
  • Social media accounts
  • Identity reports
  • Profile picture