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Smart Wallet Settings

The Settings section is where users can access and modify various settings related to their account or application. This section usually includes options to change personal information, security settings, notification preferences, language settings, and more.

To access your wallet settings, tap on your profile pic miniature in the top left to display the account settings.

  1. Profile: This section allows you to edit your personal information, ZK proofs, profile progression, generated certificates, and account connections. You can also customize your profile picture, username, and verify your account.
  2. Wallet: This section provides you with an overview of your wallet configuration. You can also manage your connected websites and other wallet functionalities.
  3. Identity Verification: This section allows you to verify your identity through various means such as social accounts, certificates, and external verification providers.
  4. Security: This section is where you can manage the security of your account.

Wallet Options

Access the Wallet option to start setting your wallet preferences.

  1. Limits and Approvals: In this section, you can set and manage the limits and approvals for your account.
  2. Currency: Here, you can choose your default currency and manage your currency settings.
  3. Custom Tokens: This section allows you to add and manage custom tokens in your wallet. You can add tokens that are not supported by default and customize their details.
  4. Connected Sites & Apps: This section allows you to manage the third-party sites and apps that are connected to your wallet.
  5. Blockchains Activated: Here, you can manage the blockchains that are activated in your wallet, such as Ethereum or Polygon.
  6. Hide Unlisted Tokens: In this section, you can choose to hide unlisted tokens in your wallet. This is useful if you want to declutter your wallet by hiding tokens that are no longer relevant or useful to you.

Currency Settings

In the settings section, you have the option to change the currency in which you want to display your wallet balance. This feature is especially useful if you frequently deal with multiple currencies and want to see the value of your assets in a specific currency

Manage Custom Tokens

In the Custom Tokens section, you can easily add new tokens to your wallet that are not listed on any exchanges or platforms. This can be done by inputting the token's contract address and symbol. Additionally, you can also remove tokens that are no longer needed by clicking on the delete icon next to them. This feature allows for greater flexibility and customization of your wallet's contents.

  1. Click on Add custom token.
  2. Add the token address.
  3. Check if the token information is the intended.
  4. Click on add token to finish the process.

Connected Sites

The Connected Sites & Apps option allows you to manage and control the external sites and applications that have access to your Brillion wallet.

If you want to add a new connection, simply click on the "Connect Site/App" button and follow the instructions.

  1. Enter the URI for the connection.
  2. Click on the "Connect" button to initiate the connection process with the requested site.
  3. Alternatively, you can use your camera to scan a QR code to start the connection.
  4. Select your preferences and complete the connection process to successfully add the new site or app.